If you're looking for a fun way to train your players, we have basketball training equipment that will help you get better faster. From resistance bands that can blow past an opponent to agility hurdles that will force players to move fast, there's something for every player on your list. We've highlighted some of our favorites below, so you can find the best equipment for your next basketball game.

Ball hog gloves

Ball Hog Gloves are one of the most popular basketball training equipment on Strobe Sport, allowing you to improve your dribbling skills and increase your confidence while doing so. They are available in weighted and unweighted versions and can be used both for improving dribbling and for developing hand-eye coordination. Ball Hog Gloves are available in many colors and styles.

Weighted speed vest

A weighted speed vest is a great way to develop your explosiveness and speed on the court. The vest forces your body to push harder during exercise, tricking it into producing the same amount of energy when you remove the vest. The result is a more explosive player. Weighted vests are great for athletes in all sports, from soccer to basketball. The following are some benefits of wearing a weighted vest during basketball training.

Dr. Dish

If you're looking to train your team or improve your individual skills, you'll want to invest in a high-quality basketball training machine. Whether you want to increase your shot size, develop your offensive and defensive game, or improve your rebounding, Dr. Dish basketball training equipment on Strobe Sport can help. The training facility features Dr. Dish CT basketball training machines. Each training bay features a Dr. Dish CT machine with an integrated 15.6" TOUCH screen. This device allows you to train up to five players at once in Multiplayer Mode. It also includes a patented swivel net system for high-rep training.

Agility ladder

An agility ladder is a great piece of basketball training equipment. Not only can it develop great footwork, but it is also great for developing your mind-muscle connection. Younger players are especially benefited by this kind of drill. The agility ladder is similar to skipping rope, which is more commonly associated with boxing. Skipping rope helps improve footwork and coordination. As an added bonus, the agility ladder has different color pods for different levels of difficulty.

Disc cones

Your favorite disc cones for basketball training on the Strobe Sport website have a lot of uses! You can use them to practice various finish moves, such as dribbling in the lane, curl cut-off cone, and the one-dribble pull-up. You can also use them to practice different offensive moves, such as a floater, a cut-off dribble, and a reverse layup.

Resistance bands

Resistance bands for basketball training are a great way to build strength and increase explosiveness. They allow you to work for multiple muscle groups at once without having to dedicate hours to the gym. Basketball players need fast-twitch muscle fibers that train well with light resistance and many repetitions. The unique design of resistance bands allows you to train in different planes of motion, unlike conventional weights, which rely on gravity and work only on a vertical plane.


Have you heard about the new Blazepod Lights? This innovative basketball training equipment allows you to use a set of smart cones that can measure reaction time. Players can dribble the ball as fast as possible while keeping an eye on the pods as they light up. They can even measure their reaction time using the Blazepods' mobile app! Not only can the Blazepods improve your player's reaction time, but they can also be used as a tool in drills.